Thursday, March 26, 2009

Artist Post #1

Artist Block Homework 3/26/09
E-mail in a quote by your favorite artist or an artist that you admire in some way. You can find it in an interview online or a magazine, book…wherever. E-mail it in to: Please send it in by April 1st in time for it to be on the April 2nd posting. Thanks!

"If you think you know, you don't know... If you know you don't know, you know." -Joshua Petker

This Week's Art and Artists

Kellyann Gilson Lyman

"The President's Stimulus"
-mixed ink, pen, pencil, mixed pigment, glass crystal shavings
"Graceful Control"
-mixed ink, pen, pencil, mixed pigment, glass crystal shavings


Hiroko Sakai

"Queer Fruit"
-Oil on canvas

-Oil on canvas


Patrick Marquis

"Yellow Line"
-Pastel on paper

Pastel on paper


Paolo Mejia

"The Beast That Lurks Within"

"The Ugly Side of Me"


Patti Heimburger


-oil on canvas

"Land and Sea"

-oil on canvas

Much thanks to all the artists that have submitted artwork this week. This was the first artist post that I have done. You have to start somewhere! Please feel free to keep sending in your artwork, spreading the word about this blog, and having fun expressing yourself! If you're feeling stuck on what to create, I will always try to post something new for the artist block homework, and even if you're not stuck, you can do that just for fun! See you next week!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Have to Start Somewhere!

The idea behind Mystery Art is to give unknown artists the opportunity to show their art to people who won’t say no to them. This isn’t some gallery that will turn you down because you’re new and they don’t think you’re good enough yet. This is your chance to put yourself out there and show what you’ve done, what you’re doing, or what you’re going to do within the art world. And yes, this is my own skewed version of, but instead of mailing in your life secrets, you send in your art!

So, how it works: e-Mail something that you have created, YOUR art, any medium, either scan it or a picture of it to MYSTERYART09@GMAIL.COM. You can either choose to send it with your name and e-mail so people can contact you to either let you know that they admire you, comission you to make them something, or whatever…or you can choose to remain anonymous. It’s completely up to you. This blog will update every Thursday, so try so send in your stuff by Wednesday. Need some ideas of what to send in? It can’t be that hard, everyone has an artist in them somewhere. Send in something that you’ve created, or do the Artist Block Homework, which is designed to push people who have artist block, because sometimes, you just need to be pushed.

Artist Block Homework: 3/19/09
Take a picture, draw, paint, sketch, mold, or write a poem…whatever…about an apple. Get creative with it! Send it in by March 25, 2009.

Have fun creating, and check back in next week to see what people have sent in. And feel free to put the word out about this blog, so other people know that they have the opportunity to put themselves out there! Have fun!